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JB Guitar & Voice is an award winning Music School taught by Singer-Songwriter Joe Borowsky in London Ontario

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Joe taught me how to better myself as an artist. He was very knowledgable in helping me find things I didn't realize I was doing wrong. Thanks Joe!

Julie, Parent of Student

Joe Borowsky is the BEST guitar teacher in London, Ontario! My daughter loved how she was able to choose her own songs, so that she wasn't stuck playing songs that she didn't like (or even know). Joe's generosity and enthusiasm as a teacher is passed along to his students and their families. 

Joe Borowsky is the absolute best guitar teacher that there is!  I would recommend him to anyone looking to take lessons, no matter what level you play at or what you are looking to get out of lessons. 

Phil, Student

Jill, Student



The Basics:

(GUITAR) This program consists of basic understanding of guitar, tuning and stringing, scales, basic major and minor chords, and some chord progression.


(VOICE) If you have never sang before or attempted to sing, we would begin with weekly exercises to distinguish many vocal techniques. The basics is focused on understanding your voice and how to use it properly.


The Mix-Up: 

(GUITAR) This program is much like The Basics program but we will also frequently be concentrating on guitar tabs and the ability to learn how to play covers of songs you enjoy. New songs will be introduced on a MONTHLY basis. This program will also consist of recording sessions for your progress.


(VOICE) Much like the mix-up guitar program, we would be concentrating on songs on a Monthly basis as well as customized vocal exercise or practice depending on your needs.


(Singing / Song writing) – This program is introduced to students who have a desire to write and sing. You may want to jump in right away while at the same time learn guitar, or wait until some of your guitar playing skills have developed. Either way, if you are looking to apply singing with your playing abilities, this program is for you! This can also be introduced into other instruments such as piano & ukulele.


(Professional Coaching) – This program is designed for Professional or Semi-Professional musicians and singer-songwriters.



Music Healing Services – This program is designed to use music as a therapeutic method. MSH (Music Healing Services) is using music as a form of healing. From singing along and participating to your favorite songs to having music played for you to enjoy, Music Healing Services can help bring happiness and healing into your life.

** Bedside playing for those who have illnesses that prevent them from coming to a session is also available! PLEASE CONTACT. *Please note, this service should not be a replacement for any type of therapy associated with mental disorders. Music Healing Services should not be confused with Music Therapy (Counselling Practitioners)


For all services, if you have question regarding terms & conditions and policy at JB Guitar & Voice, you can see them listed here: Terms & Conditions

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